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Concorde Galley Container - SOLD OUT

Concorde Galley Container - SOLD OUT

Ref: 27

LIMITED STOCK REMAINING. This aviation inflight container was used for many years on Concorde service. Although used it is in generally good condition and is in full working order but you should expect some scratches, paint chips, minor knocks, etc. It is made by Lermer and has BA Part Code EM3111. The Lermer part Number is L21422-03 and each container has a unique serial number. It also has British Airways pressed in large letters into the metalwork on the top. It measures 41cm long (16 inches) by 28cm wide and tall (11 inches). It is immensely strong for it's weight and has handles on the top and front. The door locks into position through an internal deadbolt mechanism and the catch can be secured by a padlock (not included) or security seal (not included). A great place to store your aviation collectables!

Price: 65.00 / $98.80

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