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Concorde Smythson Stationery and Pen

Concorde Smythson Stationery and Pen

Ref: 24

These delightful top quality sets were produced by renowned 'stationer to the Royal Family' Smythson of Bond Street. They were designed as on board gifts for Concorde passengers.
It comproses a high quality Blue Cartridge card wallet which has a silver embossed Concorde image on the front with a silver embossed 'Smythson of Bond Street' on the back. It Contains:

  • Slim Retractable ballpoint pen engraved with "Concorde" and "Smythson of Bond Street"
  • 2 X Plain White Postcards with embossed silver Condorde image
  • 2 X Envelopes embossed with "Smythson of Bond Street" and Concorde image
  • 4 X Sheets of writing paper embossed with Concorde image and featuring the Smythson watermark!!
  • High Quality Embossed Card Supersonic Flight Certificate featuring facsimile signature from the late Lord Marshall of Knightbridge - long serving CEO & Chairman of British Airways.

Price: 45.00 / $68.40

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