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About Us

The largest collection of original Concorde collectables on the web.

As featured on the BBC, ITV, Sky TV, Radio 5, Radio Bristol, BBC World Service, Financial Times, Sunday Times, Mail on Sunday, Daily Telegraph, International Herald Tribune and many more.

With our origins in the world of trading in airline inflight service products Concorde Collectables have been selling authentic Concorde aircraft memorabilia and parts since 1999.

We specialise in original authentic items that were made for inflight service or form part of the aircraft itself. We don't put logos on recently manufactured items to produce 'souvenirs' that have no real connection with the aircraft. Most of the items we are selling have been purchased directly from British Airways or British Aerospace and associated agencies. When these items have gone there will be no more which makes them unique and rare collectables.

All the used parts items we sell come from stock no longer needed, or inflight products that became surplus to requirement with the retirement. None of these magnificent planes are being broken up to sell off in pieces and in fact we are delighted to have been able to donate Concorde parts from our stock to help with the restoration of Concorde at Brooklands Museum and have provided items for display in other museums including the National Museum of Scotland.

You are probably here visiting our site because you share our passion for this fantastic aircraft and we hope you find the information here useful and the items of interest. We always welcome questions and feedback and try to answer as many as we can as quickly as we can.

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